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Thomas Alva Edison was quoted as saying the following, over a hundred years ago:

"The doctor of the future will give no medicines, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."  - Thomas Alva Edison

I am the "doctor of the future" to whom he was referring. Health is not about curing; it's about not causing illth in the first place!

I should forewarn you that what you're about to read may be upsetting  because this website will be challenging a widely held and deeply ingrained belief system. You may choose to go elsewhere prematurely, dismissing me as a quack. If you do, you will be making one of the biggest mistakes of your life. The difference between your looking into what I'm talking about or not, could be the difference between a life with continued illness and a premature demise or a life virtually illness-free and perhaps ten to twenty years longer and happier. If you're interested in the latter, read on...

Remember Galileo - when he proclaimed that the earth was not the center of the Universe, he was convicted of heresy and sentenced to life in prison but did that make him any less correct? He wasn't politically correct but he was obviously scientifically correct. Well things haven't changed much in the last five hundred years, in fact; the situation has gotten a lot worse. Did you know that there are scientists and laboratory researchers right now who have made tremendous scientific health discoveries that have lost their medically controlled, federal government funding because their discoveries were contrary to medical/commercial interests, discoveries that never make it to the public because only you, the public, would benefit while big business, including mainstream corporate media, would suffer economically? Mega corporations, government and corporate media have a quid pro quo relationship. All you have to do is turn on the nightly news and their bald face lies are conveniently beamed right into your living room for your viewing and propagandistic pleasure. The average American, when it comes to health matters, is walking around in a medically induced hypnotic trance and is clueless to that fact. The public has been successfully "educated" according to "Big Brother". We are living in an Orwellian world, ladies and gentlemen, and practically nobody knows it!

What I'm about to reveal to you is the longest lived, largest and deadliest of frauds that's ever been foisted upon the world's peoples in all of recorded time. This is a fraud that's of epic proportions, that's extremely well funded and its only mission is to feed its perpetrators and itself, gobbling up every unsuspecting person, (and dollar), it can wrap its tentacles around including those of its own members who are the most duped of all because they are specifically trained and indoctrinated in wrong principles! In other words, THEY BELIEVED WHAT THEY WERE TAUGHT! The world's people have been virtually irreversibly, masterfully brainwashed as have you, though you aren't even aware of it, but you don't have to remain that way. (By the way, the sign of a successful brainwashing is those who have been brainwashed, don't know they are brainwashed.) This is what Winston Churchill referred to as "Empires of the Mind". You are part of that empire and don't even know it.

You are now being presented with a choice - to stay brainwashed or to see something very differently from that which you have been misled to believe all your life. This new found knowledge will make you instantly wiser about health matters than everyone who's preceded you in your family's recorded history. The choice you are about to make is the opportunity to either redirect your family's health destiny for all future generations to come or to stick your head back in the sand and continue to allow the world's commercial masters to "educate," exploit and manipulate you into "needing" their products and services. It may not seem like it to you but you are, at this very moment in time, standing at the crossroads of an extremely significant life decision. Will you continue to allow yourself to be misled down the proverbial primrose path or will you take the road that will lead you to optimum health? Which choice will you make? If you decide to reject what I have to offer you, just know that denial isn't just a river in Egypt. I know I am correct in my position as I'm so far beyond having a 'treatment'  mentality when it comes to health matters, to challenge me with one's free medical/alternative treatment "education," is an insult. Really good health isn't for everybody and it may not be for you either. The people who choose to work with me are quite serious about improving their health as they've had it with drugs and all the other forms of symptom palliation.

The name of that fraud is so called medical science. While it may be called medical science, it's definitely not science even though it has convincingly created the illusionary perception in the public's mind as being scientific. Medical science is built upon a long standing crumbly foundation of ignorance, superstition and false appearances. It's literally a magic trick though medically biased historians have created a false and misleadiing history in order to create the illusion of credibility. The cure for "medical science" fraud is the right education and just as you would be learning the correct concepts and correct ways of looking at illness, there would be just as much, if not more, UNLEARNING for you to do. Remember here, we're talking about overcoming a lifetime of thinking in wrong concepts. That's not something that's going to go away overnight. After all, you have received a life-long, free medical education which is worth exactly what you paid for it - nothing. In order for you to overcome your "free" education, you will have to be willing to study and learn an entirely new way of looking at health and illth. Once you do, you will also experience your new discoveries experientially and that, dear reader, is all the proof you will ever need that what you have learned and applied to your life is real healthcare not what you've been use to - diseasecare.

I forewarned you that you may be irritated at what I have to say. I should tell you though, that at this point, there are a few exceptions to the rule. If we're talking about accidents, injuries, emergencies, birth defects and some, but not all, corrective surgeries, medical training is mostly correct and can be life saving. You should know that it may seem like I'm anti-medical but I'm not. I'm for what's right not who's right and so it depends on what your particular problem is. It's just that the other ninety per cent of health problems people experience, "medical science" is the wrong approach though it pretends not to be. How would you like it if ninety per cent of your business disappeared? You'd be out of business wouldn't you(?) That's exactly why schools of treatment have to miseducate what they teach - there would not be enough paying customers for their graduated students to earn a living if the public was properly educated and medical practice was just confined to the above categories. I should tell you here that not only would the medical practitioners as well as alternative practitioners' bottom line be seriously diminished, other areas of our economy would be seriously crippled as well, but more on that later.

OK, so at this point, you may be asking, if all the other illnesses aren't due to what we've been led to believe, then what causes these illnesses? That is a very fair question and one that I will give you the short answer to now but the long answer is where the educational process comes in. Just as I was fortunate enough to meet someone who steered me in the right direction and subsequently have spent over 17,000 hours reading and studying the right information, you too, would have to make a personal commitment to re-educating yourself. With my guidance and support it wouldn't be necessary for you to put that kind of time in. I did so because I realized I wanted to work with people in the real health field and that I should know as much as possible if I were to take on the trust and responsibility of working with people on the most precious thing they have - their very lives.

OK, here it is: The cause of almost all illnesses is, physiological errors in living, most of which, you've done to and STILL ARE DOING to yourself or have allowed others to do to you!

So there you have it. If you resent what I've just said, you're missing the point and it would be highly unlikely that you would be interested in LEARNING what you're doing/not doing that's causing your own pathology and that's fine, just don't complain about "getting sick" or experiencing inexplicalble pain 'cause you're choosing it! I have found that when it comes to health, "everybody's an expert", which, of course, I'm saying facetiously. Of course there are environmental factors that may not be in your control but unless they are severe, it's more about what's taking place in your life day-in and day-out that you do have control over. The truth is there's way more health misinformation that practically nobody has it right. You may have a few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle but without knowing what the puzzle is suppose to look like, you're at a major disadvantage. If you choose to become a client/student, I will provide you with the proper guidance and education to bring you out of the medical 'treatment mentality' fog you've been enshrouded within all of your life.

And by the way, nutrition is not food; rather, nutrition is the sum total of all the biological processes taking place at the level of cell. The quality of cellular integrity depends upon HOW YOU LIVE. It would take a computer the size of Manhattan to replicate all the activity taking place in one single body cell! Of course, as an adult, physiologically speaking, what we are is a colony of a hundred trillion or so cells and thus, the quality of your life is the quality of the life of your cells. (Food is simply the raw materials of the biological cellular processes of nutrition.)

On another page you will see a long list of the various symptom complexes I'm referring to. Prepare to continue to be further shocked, maybe even ticked off. . . I know I was, as the medical fog began to lift and I was becoming more enlightened..