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Almost all diseases are nutritional problems NOT medical problems.

Practically every form of input into your brain -  All Popular Media - TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Internet; Public/Private/Charter Schools; Universities; Churches; Governments; Corporations; Friends; Family; Physicians; Alternative Practitioners; "Experts"; Ad Nauseam - has you absolutely believing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that disease is a thing that you've caught, come down with, contracted, gotten, caused by viruses, germs, bacteria, parasites, fungi, genetics, your body is attacking itself, "something is going around" or the best one, "we don't know what causes it". Well of course they don't know. Why would the real causes of disease be taught in all the Schools of Symptom Treatments and Suppression since that would mean their products and treatment modalities wouldn't be needed? And besides, if a "Health Professional" were to intimate that the person, i.e. potential customer, so afflicted, had anything to do with causing their own illness, well that could be contrued as BLAME and that's not good for business, nevermind that the only thing that's going to substantively help that individual is to teach them what they are doing/not doing to themselves that's causing their own misery. So if you want to characterize what I'm saying as blame, go right ahead. I'd rather not have you as a client than lie to you. Remember, if you take umbrage with what I'm saying, I'm only the messenger; you'll have to take up any "issues" you may have with Mother Nature as she's the one who makes up the rules, not me. And as the expression goes, IT'S NOT NICE TO FOOL MOTHER  NATURE! Not only is it not nice, it's impossible! But if you play by her rules, she will handsomely reward you too!

People go to these schools, (medical, chiropractic, chinese medicine, naturopathic, homeopathic, herbalistic, cranial-sacral and on and on and on...),  to learn "skills" that can provide them with the ability to earn a comfortable living because the average person is clueless that these treatments suppress effects but do not address the CAUSES of those effects.  So let me ask you something here. If the headlights on your car weren't working because your battery was dead, would you work on the headlights or charge/replace the battery? Of course the answer is obvious but this cause and effect relationship is not so obvious when it comes to the symptoms people may be experiencing and all the treatments offered out there by all the "experts" to suppress those symptoms. I recently had an office in the same building with those who are in the symptom treating business and you know what, their clients came back on a regular basis, week after week, month after month and their respective businesses flourished. I, on the other hand, in order to continue with my practice, have to continually find new clients because mine actually get better on a permanent basis and don't need my services any longer so it's either find new clients or stop practicing. I am not nor would I ever become a symptom treater. That would be totally dishonest knowing what I know.  


Have you ever had 'The Flu'? Guess what - you've done that to yourself!!! But what do you believe when you are sick and feel like hell? You think you came down with or caught something from whatever crowd or virus you've been "exposed" to, right? Wrong! That, dear reader is, in a word or two, medical propaganda, propaganda that you've been exposed to from all the above named sources for your entire life. Now let's stop right here.

I DO NOT expect you to agree with what I've just said or to even believe me. No. That would be way too trusting - too trusting like you're way too trusting of your primary medicine "doctor", right. If he/she told you you needed to expose yourself to radiation or take drugs, you wouldn't hesitate to follow his suggestion(s); afterall, he/she's the doctor so he/she must know what they're talking about, right? Nope, wrong and I mean a really big wrong! At one time he/she was just a student in a school of pharmacology, schools that teach their students that drugs are the right approach to helping those whose health isn't so good. All drugs "do" is suppress symptoms; while you may feel better in the short term, in the long run, it's guaranteed you will continue to degenerate because you've done nothing to ELIMINATE THE CAUSES! Unfortunately, following physicians' orders, is almost always the wrong thing to do because, you see, they have been deliberately miseducated too, more so than you because they went to school and thus have been formally trained and indoctrinated in wrong thinking. Why? Because they are taught to suppress symptoms and make maximum profits for the pharmaceutical companies who control the medicine/pharmaceutical schools they attend and the curriculum they study. It's all about selling drugs and surgical procedures - selling product and services. I, on the contrary, was taught the correct information in order to provide my clients with the best possible odds of health recovery. I have the very special ability to save people from a lifetime of compromised health and subsequent premature death. In fact, I am not being arrogant when I tell you that I'm the most knowledgeable doctor in the state of Hawaii, not because "I'm so smart", no, rather because I put in 17,000+ hours studying THE RIGHT INFORMATION! I was taught about health and human physiology from a biological perspective because we're living, breathing human beings. The medical model, on the other hand, is that you are nothing more than an inanimate mechanical object like a car, a thing that you do things to - add chemicals to and change out parts. Do you want to be treated like a car or like the living, breathing human being that you are? It really is that cut and dried. If you knew what I know, you could make the same statement too and now that option is available to you if you're willing to learn. With the exception of those above mentioned special situations, going to the "doctor" is nothing more than the blind leading the blind. You don't know that they don't know and they don't know that they don't know. They don't know, dear reader, that's why they're dangerous! You have now been put 'ON NOTICE'.  Buyer Beware! Proceed at your own risk! There's danger up ahead!

My patients get well because they take responsibility for their own health. And once they regain their health, they can choose to maintain their gains or not. It's up to the individual. I am no longer an integral part of their healthcare although I can provide ongoing support and inspire my clients to have faith in their own inherent biological healing and repairing processes. Now if you're not willing to take personal responsibility in regaining your health, this is not for you because healthcare is selfcare so enjoy your disease(s) and the money you're spending on symptom suppressing drugs and treatments, both medical and alternative, and, more than likely, a much shorter, pain filled life because you're choosing what you're experiencing! Point the finger at the one staring back at you in the mirror. Forget the bacteria and viruses and all the other brainwashing/propaganda out there - you're the culprit!

You see, what causes all manner of pathological problems in our highly complex physiology are the day-to-day choices we make that cumulatively impact whatever level of health we are experiencing. And when our bodies are highly compromised, the processes of nutrition, the hundred trillion cells of which we are made up of, aren't getting the nutrients they need, and drainage, the eliminatory processes at the cellular level, become compromised and we literally stew in our own metabolic waste in addition to whatever enters the body from the outside that the body doesn't recognize as being useable. When you add up all the day-to-day insults that the average person subjects him/herself to, albeit mostly unwittingly, it's amazing that we function as well as we do for as long as we do. So, when we "get sick", what is really happening is that your body, under the control of your subconscious brain, is initiating and conducting an extraordinary elimination process so you won't die! In other words, it's RIGHT ACTION! But what have your parents and what have you been doing all your life when you get sick? You've mistakenly suppressed the disease process with drugs and any manner of other treatments both chemical and mechanical instead of removing the causes because you've always thought that the symptoms are due to some invading micro-organism from outside of your body and that if you take something and the symptoms go away, it's because you killed the "offending" organism. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You couldn't be making a worse decision if you were deliberately trying to. If you have to go to the bathroom, i.e. defecate, would you stick a cork up your bottom and stop the process? Well that, in effect, is what you're doing when you stop any and all acute and chronic dis-ease eliminatory processes with all the symptom suppressing modalities out there that the symptom treaters eagerly purvey. Why do you think they can stay in business year after year? Because nobody gets better! You may win individual battles but you're losing the overall war. Acute symptoms/pathology become chronic and chronic symptoms/pathology become degenerative and you're a goner before your time - R.I.P.

In other words,  THE DIS-EASE IS THE CURE!!! You've been trying to cure the cure all your life!!!

Health is the normal state and always obtains where the normal conditions of healthy life exists. Health is potential in life and always manifests under those conditions. Disease ensues when these conditions are disturbed or interfered with, by whatever cause. Disease, also is potential in life; it is simply a reaction of life against abnormal conditions. Disease is a more or less violent effort of the living organism to re-establish that condition of internal purity and physiological equilibrium which we call health. This effort is made necessary by factors that interfere with the normal processes and functions of life. Disease as a thing per se, does not exist.

The body has to stop the eliminatory process, i.e. dis-ease and try to neutralize whatever mistake you've "treated" it with. If your body could talk, it would refer to you as a total putz! And so an acute eliminatory process, by virtue of your misdirected thinking and thus wrong choices, gets worse over time and becomes an on-going chronic eliminatory process but you keep stopping this RIGHT ACTION and eventually your tissue is so compromised from all the internal and external retained toxins that function is so compromised, you may now have multiple degenerative conditions such as heart tissue damage; artery tissue damage; brain tissue damage; mutagenic cells - cancer; pancreatic tissue damage - diabetes; connective tissue damage; infertility; loss of hearing, eyesight, taste; incontinence; erectile disfunction; your kidneys are shot; you need a new liver and also the worst - unnecessary, premature death. Did you know that when physicians have gone on strike in hospitals in Israel, South Africa and Sweden the death rate has dropped by over fifty per cent! That means that of at least half the obituaries you read in your local paper each and every day, these poor people didn't die of their underlying pathology but rather the medical treatments! And where are most of these people when they die? That's right, in the hospital! So what are you going to do - continue to screw yourself up or seek out the services of a qualified professional like myself that can TEACH you to stop mucking up your health? How many lives do you have? I only have one. I am currentlly 56 and can do everything I've always been able to do all my life and see no reason why I won't continue with full function for a very long time to come. You see, most people confuse aging with degeneration - the former is natural, you may slow down over time but you don't lose function while the latter is a pathological process and thus, is definitely unnatural.

If you look in practically any dictionary, the first position definition for 'doctor' is 'one who teaches or a learned man', well, that's what I am. I am a teaching doctor. Your medical doctor is not a doctor; he or she is a physician which means 'one who is skilled in the giving of physics as in diarrhetics and cathartics' and other drugs. In other words, one who is taught to attempt to drug you into health. But, of course, it doesn't work that way, never has, never will. Drugs are all toxic. Don't believe me? Go check out the PHYSICIAN'S DESK REFERENCE at the library and look up the "adverse reactions" for any drug. "Adverse Reactions" or "side effects" are just euphemistic expressions for 'poisoning effects'. If your physician said the poisoning effects were such and such, you wouldn't submit, would you? The concept of being poisoned into health is a bit oxymoronic isn't it? Simply put, we are not designed to ingest drugs. Though you may find that hard to believe, as a student of mine, at some point in the unlearning/new learning process, you would begin to see what a dead-end approach drugs are to treating disease. You will become aware of medicine doctors, who, after going through the same unlearning/new learning process, quit prescribing drugs for their patients and themselves. The social message "DON'T DO DRUGS", applies to not only street drugs but to ALL DRUGS legal and illegal. I haven't taken even as much as an aspirin in fifteen years let alone anything else and I'm doing just fine; in fact, I'm doing better than most of my contemporaries.

Don't believe me? Next time you "get sick", see if you can tough it out without stopping this life-saving process with drugs, et cetera, and you'll see that what's waiting around the corner for you, is that the process will run its course and that you'll feel much better. DO NOT DO THIS without professional, experienced supervision because at this point, you would be traveling in unchartered territory and you will need a qualified guide and also to get yourself educated first. And, it's important to know that depending upon your condition, this could take a week or so or much much longer. Of course, you need to learn what it is that you're doing to yourself that's causing you to become so compromised and thus necessitates these painful eliminatory processes in the first place, right? If you don't, you'll just keep repeating your mistakes, which is dumb. Why would anybody want to keep making themselves sick? This is not a road you should travel alone. You need a guide or you could find yourself in trouble.

Physicians have a cute expression that says that if you medicate yourself for a cold, it will go away in about a week but if you do nothing, it will take seven days. So what does this tell you dear reader? People who are symptomatic and who begin to feel better, do so not because of the drugs but in spite of them and here's why. Drugs form chemical unions that paralyze nerves and suspend vital action, thus suppressing symptoms of disease. The person thus treated is sicker than before even though appearing and feeling better! All healing that takes place after the administration of drugs, (or any other kind of treatment), does so in spite of the drugs, not BECAUSE of them. Drugs and treatments all rise to glory on the back of the self-healing powers of the body!

There are natural laws that govern human physiology just as there are natural laws that govern physics. They teach the natural laws of physics in all the various schools of engineering; why aren't the natural laws of physiology taught in the various schools of "healing"? The answer is obvious - because to do so would be contrary to commercial interests! I will give you one of these sixteen immutable laws right now that pertains to anything you put into or on your body.


Now that should cause you to do a whole lot of pondering and hopefully some rethinking. So do drugs or "medicines" act on the body? Of course not - your body acts on the drugs and always defensively. When you apply aloe vera to an open wound does aloe vera heal your body or does your body quickly seal itself off in order to prevent the aloe vera from gaining entry? Do you know what allicin is? It's a medicinal, i.e. poisonous substance contained in aloe vera. Are any 'lights' beginning to go on dear reader? The same is true for any pharmacological substance.

 And in case you're thinking I'm only talking about the non-contagious illnesses, THINK AGAIN! I am most certainly including the so called highly "infectious," "contagious" diseases because NONE OF THEM ARE CONTAGIOUS OR INFECTIOUS! It just seems that way because almost everybody is unaware that they are causing their own lack of eases and not only that, medical interests and their handmaidens in the media, want to make damn sure you keep thinking that way so that you'll continue to make yourself sick and to think you need their services and their symptom suppressing drugs. (Poor health generates billions of dollars every year for so many facets of our economy.) In fact, the most misleading word in the medical lexicon is 'infection'. What an 'infection' is and what everybody has been misled to believe it is, are not the same thing! The next most misleading word is 'virus' and when you put the two together, 'viral infection', well if that's not all to beat the band! Medical interests are so entrenched in government that they receive billions of federal tax dollars every year to ensure you believe in contagion and infection. With that kind of money, you can buy a lot of influence and air time. (The CDC trains people in their Epidemic Intelligence Service that, in turn, are on the Boards of every Dept. of Health in the country. Their job is to make sure the public is worked up into a frenzy over whatever 'contagion' propaganda they're promoting such as SARS, BIRD FLU, SWINE FLU, ASIAN FLU, HONG KONG FLU, AIDS, WEST NILE VIRUS, COLD VIRUS, FLU VIRUS, EBOLA, MAD COW, MALARIA, HUNTA VIRUS, LYME DISEASE, PLAGUE, LEPTOSPOROSIS, GIARDIA, HERPES, SYPHILIS; HEPATITIS; DENGUE FEVER, LEPROSY, STAPH, SALMONELLA, AND SO FORTH AD NAUSEAM.) Well, guess what, YOU DON'T NEED THEIR DRUGS OR THEIR SERVICES BECAUSE THESE ARE ALL NUTRITIONAL NOT MEDICAL PROBLEMS. I haven't taken as much as an aspirin in fifteen years.  Does that mean I never develop a headache? No, but I also know what I have done and not done that has caused brain tissue inflammation and, believe me, it's not the headache virus. How do you think you developed from a fertilized ovum to a completely mature adult? Did some "doctor" do that for you? Of course not. That incredible ability is built right into the organism and so is the eliminating/healing/repairing processes. That same power that heals your skin when you have an abrasion is also the same power that heals you internally, the only difference is you just can't see it that's all.

In case you think I exist in a vacuum, I want you to know that I am affiliated with the finest drugless medical doctors in the world. They have been to and graduated from medical schools but they DO NOT drug their patients. Why? Because they know better. They only went to medical school in order to gain credibility because they know that medical doctors have gained the public's trust.

One EX-drugging physician with more initials after his name than the physician you've entrusted your life with, refered to medicine and those who patronized medicine as those who willingly sacrificed their bodies upon the altar of The Church of Modern Day Medicine. My grandfather checked into a hospital with a bad cough and was dead two weeks later. My father was 30 years old when this happened and it has affected his entire life. My grandmother, at the end of her life, was so pumped full of drugs, her grotesquely swollen face made her look like Porky Pig and she could no longer even talk. They had turned her into a caricature of her former self. A 48 year old acquaintance of mine passed out after having dinner at his girlfriend's. Two days later his organs were "harvested" while he was still breathing! He had been an EMT at one time and obviously had a medical mentality and even though he had really high blood pressure, he was in denial that he was causing this abnormality and thus made no changes in his lifestyle. He thought blood pressure lowering drugs were the solution to his problem but, of course, he didn't know that the body only slows down its metabolism to keep the drugs out of general circulation, which, of course, has nothing to do with eliminating causes. He had no disease insurance and thus was worth way more, to the medical establishment, dead than alive. I attempted to counsel several men in the early Ninieties regarding their conditions but they would have none of it. They all died around the age of 40 from the medical treatments that they erroneously believed were life-saving not life-ending. A long time heroin junky underwent medical treatments for what she was told she "had" and, of course, more drugs just added to her already extremely toxic condition and hastened her death. They did the same thing to her son, who died in the hospital at the ripe old age of 12! If adults allow themselves to be hoodwinked, then shame on them but to do that to a 12 year old boy, shame on the drug pushers! The public is totally clueless when it comes to what goes on in hospitals. You will learn about that as part of your unlearning/relearning educational process. Is that the way you want to go out - as a really bad, failed high school science project? Not me.