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The following symptom complexes are curable by tapping into your own body's self healing and repairing processess IF CAUGHT IN TIME! Don't procrastinate! Time is not on your side because the longer you wait, the worse the odds of reversibility. Why? Because Disease Evolves, i.e. cellular morphological changes continue to take place. At some point, you no longer have options. . .

The following, contrary to what the public has been "educated" to believe, are all nutritional problems NOT medical problems

Acne                                                                                                  Addictions (all kinds)                                                                            AIDS                                                                                                 Allergies (all types)                                                                              Anemia                                                                                              Appendicitis                                                                                        Arthritis                                                                                             Asthma                                                                                              Atherosclerosis                                                                                    Bronchitis                                                                                           Cancer (again, if caught in time)                                                             Candida                                                                                              Carpal Tunnel                                                                                      Chickenpox                                                                                         Cholera                                                                                              Cirrhosis                                                                                             Colds                                                                                                 Constipation                                                                                        Coronary Thrombosis                                                                            Coughing                                                                                            Cramps                                                                                              Cystic Fibrosis                                                                                     Diabetes                                                                                             Diphtheria                                                                                          
Ear Infections                                                                                      Eczema                                                                                              Encephalitis                                                                                        Epilepsy                                                                                             Fevers (all kinds)Gonorrhea                                                                                          Headaches (all types)                                                                           Heart Disease                                                                                      Hepatitis (all types)                                                                              Herpes (all types)                                                                                
High Blood Pressure                                  
Hodgkin's Disease                                                                                 Impotence                                                                                          Infections (all kinds)                                                                             Infertility                                                                                            Influenza (all kinds)                                                                              Itching                                                                                               Intestinal Disorders                                                                              Kidney & Gallstones                                                                              Laryngitis                                                                                           Leukemia                                                                                            Lupus                                                                                                Malaria                                                                                               Meningitis                                                                                           Mental Disorders                                                                                  Mononucleosis                                                                                    Multiple Sclerosis                                                                                 Mumps / Measles                                                                                 Muscular Dystrophy                                                                             Nephritis                                                                                            Neuritis / Neuralgia                                                                               Obesity                                                                                             Osteoporosis                                                                                       Osteomyelitis                                                                                      Parkinson's                                                                                             Pellagra                                                                                           
Post Mentrual Syndrome                                                                       Pneumonia                                                                                         Poliomyelitis                                                                                        Prostate Cancer                                                                                  Rabies                                                                                                     Scurvy                                                                                          
Skin Disorders (all kinds)                                                                       Smallpox                                                                                            Snoring                                                                                              Sleep Disorders (all kinds)                                                                 
Sore Throat                                                                                        Stroke                                                                                               Syphilis                                                                                              Tuberculosis                                                                                       Tumors (all kinds)                                                                                Typhoid Fever                                                                                     Ulcers                                                                                                Urinary Tract Infections